Google Business Views for Apartments

Google Business Views takes advantage of the same Street View technology used in streets around the world – for businesses. I have created Google Business Views, Google Maps Views and stand alone interactive virtual tours for 100’s clients. Including apartment complexes,  parks, art galleries, museums, retail shops, hotels, schools, golf courses, and automobile dealerships…. almost any type of business that has a physical address and provides a customer business interaction.

 Click here to view the Hawthorne at the Parkway Google Place Page

Click here to “See Inside” on Google Maps

Welcome Center Google Business View


Pool Deck Google Business View


“See Inside”  model apartment at Meridian at Harrison Point with Google Maps View



Google Business View Point of Interest Photographs


Google recommends that when creating a Google Business View for any business that the photographer take a minimum of 10 Point of Interest (POI) photographs. My imagery for the POI images far exceed the minimum requirement from Google.

The method I use for each POI is called HDR or High-Dynamic-Range imagery. HDR is a post-processing technique that requires a series of photographs of identical shots taken at different levels of exposure. Once the images have been blended together through a process called “tone mapping,” they produce a greater dynamic range of luminosity than possible using standard digital imaging.

Whether I am photographing a world renowned fine art gallery, museum, apartment complex or a local salon my method and goal is the same. To produce and develop images that stand out online or in print.

Below are a few of my favorite photographs that were taken at apartment complexes.

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