The 418,000-square-foot facility features 96 inpatient rooms, 60 infusion areas with a view of outdoor healing gardens and 58 different clinics centered on patient care. The theme throughout the building features flowering trees, calming color palates and art work of soothing nature scenes and North Carolina flowers.  An image renewal center provides access to wigs, prosthetics and compression sleeves and garments. A resource center offers additional services to patients and families, including psychotherapy, support groups and complementary therapies.

In the lobby and throughout, natural light pours in through large windows. An outdoor healing garden provides a calm, quiet place to reflect. A comprehensive imaging clinic offers 3D mammography and a radiation oncology unit includes some of the most advanced technology available in the state.

The total cost of construction and equipping the Eddie and Jo Allison Smith Tower is $174 million. Approximately $50 million will be funded through philanthropy for construction, equipment and programmatic support.

Enjoy your tour of a fabulous, state of the art health center!

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